What we do

Ahava Ministries was founded in 2012 in order to bring hope and life to Guatemala. Since then, Ahava has been dedicated to serving the widowed, orphaned, and broken hearted in the Guatemalan Community.

Those we work with are in monetary, emotional, and spiritual poverty. Ahava Ministries works to target all of these conditions through deep relationships, spiritual mentorship,  and education.

We have several programs already in place and others in development that bring value and purpose to the lives of those who have been constantly downtrodden and discouraged.

Join us in our fight for justice in Guatemala as we work to bring freedom to the lives of those caught in the chains of poverty. 

Your donations are vital to keeping our ministry alive and active. We ask that you give as God leads and that you will be blessed by blessing others.

There are several different ways to be an active part in Ahava Ministries. Please visit the "Get Involved Tab" to see the various ways to join us in ministry.

We are dedicated to bring hope and life to Guatemala through our work. To learn more about who we are, click the "About Us" tab at the top of the page.

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1 (010) 867-8225

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9252 East 58th Place

Tulsa, OK 74145

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