After School

We currently have about 100 children attending our bi-weekly after school program. At the program the children receive a nutritious meal, learn about the life of Jesus Christ, receive tutoring and homework help, and take part in arts and crafts. Learn More...


We currently have 32 kids in our Sponsorship program. Those who are in the program are children that would not be attending school otherwise.

 For elementary children at $25 a month, they are able to have all of their school expenses paid for, the opportunity to further their education and receive medical care. 

For the middle and high school students, for $50 a month they are able to receive the same. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, click here.

Women's Discipleship

The women's discipleship program focuses on young women and mothers who are in need of love and encouragement. Through this program the women form valuable relationships, learn about the Bible, and receive the love and encouragement they need and deserve. Learn More...

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