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Ahava School and community center

Why build a school?

Seven years ago we started sending kids to school through scholarships funded by sponsors in the States. As we have gained more experience working alongside these students, we have become more aware of the lack of quality education and care that students receive through the Guatemalan school system. 

For this reason, we have the intention of opening a primary school where we can teach students through a holistic curriculum that focuses not only on academics, but also on spiritual and physical health. 

The school will exist in addition to our after school and discipleship programs. 

What is the plan?

In 2018 we bought a piece of land with the intention to build our school. In the following months we ran into several road blocks due to loose soil on the purchased land. Though this land is still viable for one story structures, our original blueprints and time tables had to change. The Ahava Board decided to purchase an adjacent piece of land that is already developed in order to expand the Ahava campus and allow us to build gradually while simultaneously using the 6 already existing buildings. Currently, we are renting this land and space and are fundraising $70,000 to put a down payment on this land and convert our rent payments to mortgage payments. Once this land is officially in our name, we will begin construction on new classrooms which will be desperately needed as we reopen following social distancing guidelines. 


At the end of 2020, we finalized the plans to start construction on a multipurpose sports court/auditorium on the currently owned piece of land. This space will give us a covered area to host events in open air, and will give the kids a place to play and exercise during their free time. This space will be built with sustainable materials and includes solar panels to power the lights, and a water harvesting system to water our vegetable garden during dry season. 

We also hope this space will generate some revenue with the possibility of renting it out for events, conferences, and sports tournaments

How can I help?

- GIVE! The total cost of land and building is $350,000. Join us in our vision and give to make this venture possible. 

- SEND A TEAM- teams help fund our building projects and help supplement the cost of labor, while also giving us the chance to share our vision and passion in person. If you are interested in visiting and getting a real taste for what we do and who we serve, don't hesitate to contact us! 

- PRAY- Pray for wisdom, guidance, and provision for this project and for the leaders who make important decisions for how this project progresses. Lift this project up and pray for divine blessings and favor. 

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