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Jhonatan & Andrea

Since Andrea was a little girl, she felt called to serve God overseas. In 2012 she founded Ahava Ministries and began her mission in Antigua, Guatemala. 

In 2014 Andrea started a village ministry in Zacatecas Pastores, Guatemala where she dedicated her time to help people heal from the past circumstances, nurture the potential of the downtrodden, and teach the Word of God to all those who will listen. 

In March of 2015 Andrea married Jhonatan Mendez, who is also dedicated to ministry and serving the Lord.

In August 2017 they welcomed their first baby boy, Rio. He is an absolute Joy and loved by everyone he meets. 

Together their goal is to use their individual strengths to be the hands and feet of their Savior. 

Jhonatan is a native Guatemalan who is dedicated to serving his people and sharing the story of his people and culture with those who come from all over the world to serve with Ahava Ministries.

Jhonatan will be running all the mission teams that come from the United States to serve with the ministry. He also hopes to start a sustainable business to help bring more funds to the ministry and the people that the ministry serves.

Hannah Vega

Hannah is from Leesburg, Virginia. She first came to Guatemala as a high school student and felt the Lord put serving children and families on her heart since then.

She first started volunteering with Ahava in early 2018 when she moved here and were thrilled to have her joining our team full time January 2019!

She is serving as our executive assistant, social media coordinator and teaching our littles kids. 

She is passionate about instilling vision and dreams for our kids and we are so excited to have her with us!

Danielle Herrera 

Danielle is from Oak Island, North Carolina. She fell in love with Guatemala in 2015 in the midst of her travels and has been here ever since.

The Lord called her heart to this ministry and she now serves as the scholarship program coordinator, a translator for teams that come to serve, and leading classrooms throughout the year. 

Many people have been called by the Lord to go to Guatemala, but Danielle was called by the Lord to stay in Guatemala and not continue her travels. The Lord has been working through her to benefit this ministry and many others ever since. 

Andrea Miranda

Andrea is a native Guatemalan.

She felt the calling to work in ministry as a young girl and came to Ahava in 2016.

She wears many hats at Ahava but has been a key player in the after school program for both our Basico and Primary students. 

She is a delight and were excited to give her opportunities to grow in her roles in the future. 

Luisa Esqueque

Luisa is the head of our kitchen staff. 

She and her daughter came to us in early 2018 looking for work. It was perfect timing as we were looking for help with our cooking and cleaning. 

She is the mom to 4 children, and 2 grandchildren. Both of her grandkids have been coming to the program for a couple of years and were excited to have most of her family with us at Ahava. 

Leidy Esqueque

Leidy is the daughter of Luisa and mother of 2. We were thrilled when she and her mom came to us looking for work and being able to have jobs for them.

Although neither one of them had cooked or cleaned for work, they are both hard workers. 

We are so grateful to have such a sweet family serving our kids with a smile on their faces.