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Health initiatives


We started a community garden and chicken coops in 2020 to supplement the nutrition of families in need during the pandemic. Now that food stability has returned for most families, we continue these initiatives as a sustainable way to provide food for our ministry and to teach health principles to our students and families. 




We partner with teams from the States who teach the girls in our program about reproductive health and basic first aid. Guatemala has some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the world. These teams use a curriculum from Days for Girls to help our students be more aware of their fertility and make better choices concerning their health and their futures. We also partner with a local ONG called Manos Abiertas who offers midwifery, reproductive health education, and more to families in need. 




We also do once yearly height and weight checks to make sure that all of our students are well nourished, and offer familial, psychological, and medical support to those who fall into categories of malnutrition or slow growth. 

All sponsored students also receive supplemental help if they are in need of immediate medical care or attention. Thanks to the generous help from our sponsors, our medical fund allows us to pay for surgeries, scans, and lab tests in order to insure that all of our students remain healthy. 


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