After School Program

Through Ahava Ministries' After School Program 50 or more kids receive a hot meal, the Word of God, and tutoring twice a week.

The children who attend the ASP receive points through our incentive program for earning good grades in school, memorizing scripture, and attending program activities. Through the incentive program the kids are learning about the value of hard work and reaping the benefits of their efforts. 

We pray that this program can be seen as a safe place for the children and their families. In the community the children live in, violence and abuse is common. We want the children to know that they are accepted and loved just the way they are. Every week they are learning more about the love of their Savior, and getting to experience a place of safety, where judgement and ridicule are not accepted in any way shape or form. When they come to the program, they don't have the pressure of performing for family members, but are loved for being exactly who they are. 

All the children are excited to be an active part in the program, to study God's word, and to work hard in school. We are excited and blessed to get to be a part of their lives and to see them grow in wisdom and stature through the ASP activities.




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