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If you are interested in bringing a team that can bring hope and life to the Guatemalan community and those who serve in it daily,  please contact Jhonatan Mendez at

We would love to hear your ideas, and help you to plan a great trip that is benefical not just for the Guatemalan Community, but also for your church community.

Come be a part

Here at Ahava Ministries we believe the greatest influence you can make in the lives of Guatemalan people is through trades classes, spiritual training, and other specialized groups.


For this reason, we want teams to come to bring hope, purpose, and dignity to the community by teaching a skill, training others who will be here to serve long term, encouraging the people through conferences, bringing medical care, expanding the ministry by offering business development and web design services, etc.

Here are some ideas for a team: 

- Facilitate a week long VBS for the children during their school vacations

- Bring a medical team that can offer health care and first aid classes

- Come on a Vision Trip- build relationships in the community, and learn more about  our ministry and what you can do to help. Visit families in the village, pray for people  who are downtrodden and need hope, visit the sick, take part in our programs, and  dream with us about the future. 

- Teach a skill- sewing workshops, first aid classes, carpentry for our young men, baking,  computer skills, etc. 

- Host a retreat- facilitate a time of renewal for our youth, mothers, families,  missionaries, etc. 

- Training- Train our staff, pastors, teachers, youth workers, missionaries, people who      work with traumatized children, mothers who need parenting skills, etc. 

- So much more

Our hope is to be able to play off of the strengths of your church or team, so please feel free to think up ideas, ask us questions, and make this trip your own. 

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